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Did you set your goal?

The Difference Between Goal-Setters & Non-Goal-SettersFrom Brian’s blogGoal-setting has been one of the major cornerstones to my own personal success journey. The ability to set and achieve a goal through systematic focus and accomplishment is the most powerful way to turn your dreams and visions into reality. As I always say, people with clear, written goals, accomplish […]

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Identifying and Structuring Problems

Identifying and Structuring ProblemsThis page covers the first two stages in the problem solving process: Identifying the Problem and Structuring the Problem. Stage One: Identifying the Problem Before being able to confront a problem its existence needs to be identified. This might seem an obvious statement but, quite often, problems will have an impact for some time before they […]

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3 steps to make a perfect first impression

3 steps to make a perfect first impression What is Body Image?Body image is how you see yourself physically, both when you think about yourself, and when you look in a mirror. Body image is affected by:How you feel about your body, including height, weight and shape;Your beliefs about your appearance, which may include views about […]

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